Taking Care of you Baby’s Skin During the Spring

As we step into a new season of Spring we need to keep in mind that a baby’s skin undergoes changes during the different seasons. As a mama of 2 girls with very sensitive skin, let me give you mamas easy to follow tips about taking care of babies skin during Spring

Sun protection

Babies under 6 months should avoid sunscreen if possible. Keep baby away from direct sun ray exposure. If you have to be in the sun consult your pediatrician/dermatologist and only apply to the areas that are exposed like the face, back of the hands and feet, using all natural sunscreens that do not cause harmful side effects to your babies. If you are outdoors a lot, make sure they wear a wide brimmed hat, the stroller should have a big enough shade to shield the baby. The baby should wear lightweight, breathable long-sleeved tops/ onesies.


It’s important that your baby’s skin is hydrated. Their skin can easily become dried out during Spring time and may cause it to become rough and irritated. Make sure to also give your little one lots of water to drink as the body looses most of its water through sweat. Also remember to keep a light lotion or a fast absorbing oil on hand and massage it on your baby’s skin as often as you can to keep it from drying out. It is especially important after a bath, to always put on baby lotion to keep the skin hydrated as the sun and heat can cause dryness.

Diaper change

Some days in Spring can be quite hot and your baby may sweat when they are playing outside. A sweaty diaper area may lead to a rash developing. Using a diaper rash cream is essential in those hot spring and summer days, when you are planning to stay outside for a long time. Remember to follow a good diaper change routine; try to change your baby’s diaper as often as you can preferably cleaning them with running tap water and patting them dry instead of using baby wipes as it can irritate the skin. Let the diaper area air out as often and as long as possible to allow the air to flow between those little folds of skin. Apply diaper rash cream that makes a barrier layer and does not allow water to stay on the skin of your baby. Make sure you choose a diaper rash cream that is all natural and does not have ingredients that would irritate your little ones skin during the hot and sweaty days of spring and summer.

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Insect repellent for babies

As the days get hotter the humidity rises and the insects and bugs start swarming the air. As it is not recommended to be in the sun with little ones during the mid-day hours, taking a walk or playing in the yard with your baby is a frustrating experience with all the bugs flying around. Applying insect repellent for babies is the best option there is. Insect repellent for babies that is natural and DEET free is a spring and summer essential that makes life easier. Not only does the bug repellent for babies help prevent painful and irritating bites, it also soothes the skin from already existing irritation. Check out the bug repellent for babies by Mama’s Touch; the Bug off spring essential spray is guaranteed to keep you having fun during all those hot evenings.

It is essential to keep a good skin routine for your baby during those hot seasons. Taking good care of your little ones skin can make a huge difference in their mood, sleeping patterns and eating patterns, as rashes and irritations affect them dramatically. Invest in good sun protection, bug repellent for babies and diaper rash creams. Trust me you will not regret it!