How we beat Eczema – Essential Tips for a baby’s daily skin care routine.

Eczema; Dermatitis, life-time Disease … were all words that both frightened me and had me very confused as a first-time mother. When I first got pregnant the things I anticipated were diaper rashes and mild fevers, maybe stuffy noses that would make my little girl’s life a little harder as an infant. But because I never heard of Eczema before I didn’t expect it.

What is Eczema?

Im not a medical expert but I can tell you what I know from going through it with my daughter.

When she was only a couple months old my girl started developing very rough red patches behind her knees and elbows. I didn’t think much of it because of the lack of knowledge I had about newborn care and simply applied the store-bought baby lotion – which is filled with fragrances, parabens and other irritants that are just horrible for a newborn’s skin.
Naturally her condition got worse – the skin was always very itchy, red and started to get small bumps and scales that peeled off, and she was always crying from pain.

When I went to the doctor they prescribes very harsh steroid creams and that helped with the inflammation of the skin and pain, but was not a treatment for it.
I then learned that Eczema isn’t really something you can “heal” from, rather a skin condition that needs to be managed. This is where I started my own research to save my baby.

I didn’t want to constantly apply cortisone on my infant and I needed something that I felt comfortable with to massage her skin with on a daily basis.

A lot of doctors world wide recommend natural eczema creams that are emollients. An emollient is the soothing or the softening agent in the product you use. Emollients work better the more occlusive they are, this means they coat your skin with a layer that seals moisture or water in your skin for a longer time.

An emollient softens dry, rough, flakey skin, making it look and feel better. When the top layer of your skin doesn’t contain enough water, it dries out. This causes skin to crack and flake off, leaving open spaces between the cells in your skin. Emollients fill those spaces with fatty substances, called lipids, which make your skin smoother and softer.

This led me to the search for the best natural fatty ingredients I could use on my baby. And what I found was magic! I made my own natural eczema cream from natural ingredients that did what needed to be done. Check out Mama’s Touch Baby Butter (link to product page) that is the best of what nature has to offer to keep your baby’s skin smooth soft and moisturized all-year-round.

Using natural eczema cream on my baby was the best option out there

Eczema cream is something that is part of a daily routine for babies and children. It is believed that it affects more than 10% of children, with a large number of them being affected before the age of five, and more than half of them within the first year. Eczema can cause interrupted sleep and interfere with quality of life parallel to the discomfort and pain a baby or child goes through during flare ups. This is why skin care is very important within the first 5 years of a child’s life. Using natural eczema creams keeps a baby’s skin healthy and smooth and helps you give your baby the best life experiences possible.

How to sooth my baby’s eczema?

1. Start from day 1 – don’t rush your baby’s first bath. I know how gooey the baby comes out from you mama but trust me there is no better moisturizer in the world than the vernix. Leave that amazing vernix on – research has shown that vernix has immune properties, giving your baby a natural protective layer. It also helps with regulating your baby’s body temperature and helps in keeping them de-stressed.

2.When you finally decide to give your baby a bath, keep them nice and short. Too much exposure to water – especially if hot – will do more harm than good to your little one’s skin.

3.Don’t use harsh soaps – rather find soap alternatives or natural soft cleansers like mama’s touch bubbly bath buddy kit (link to product page) .

4.When you are done with the bath always pat your baby’s body dry with a soft cotton towel and never forget the eczema cream! Applying the Eczema cream when the body is still damp traps more moisture in the skin and helps make the skin soft and smooth.

5.Always follow-up with you baby’s doctor about the internal causes of their Eczema. Known reasons for Eczema are immune system related. There isn’t one exact known cause. Instead doctors believe that many different things can lead to it, such as history of asthma and food allergies.

Always remember that prevention is better than treatment! Help your baby’s skin and prevent the development of Eczema by including natural Eczema creams in your baby’s daily skin care routine. Check out Mama’s Touch baby skin care (link to all product page) for amazing natural alternatives to include in your baby’s daily skin care routine.