All About Nipple Creams

Why should I use nipple creams?

When you’re pregnant and getting ready for your little one to pop out any day, you rarely remember to think about what you as a new mother will need amongst all the baby things that are already on your mind. But one thing you have to remember is getting yourself the best nipple cream you can find.

Breastfeeding, as natural and easy as it may sound, is hard; a nursing mother goes through so much while feeding her baby until she finally gets into a routine that makes it easy. And applying the best nipple cream you can find is just one of the things that is really important so a mama can go through that time with minimal pain, and distress.

An expecting mama’s body changes a lot. And one of those major changes happens with her breasts. As a mama’s breasts start to grow to prepare for feeding the little one on the way, the skin from the outside gets affected and stretched to the max. The nipples also go through a lot of change. The skin of the areola – the dark circle around the nipple- gets darker and bigger. All these changes also make the skin in that area very sensitive, irritated and itchy. Which brings us to the first reason for applying nipple cream. The stretching and itchiness of the skin will feel much better when soothing cream is applied on it. Nipple Cream with ingredients such as vitamin E, cocoa butter and calendula are miracle workers when it comes to nourishing the skin.

When should I start using nipple creams?

Nipple Creams should be applied to the growing breast and nipples while a mama is still pregnant. The earlier you start the better. The best nipple cream, containing rich ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and sweet almond oil, help with the stretching of the skin and improve skin elasticity. Applying those creams on your breasts twice daily throughout your pregnancy and during the time you are breastfeeding will also help in improving the sagginess of the skin and minimize that leathery look and feel.

Taking care of you nipples while breastfeeding

When the day finally comes, and you experience nursing your baby you will be grateful you started taking care of your skin early on. The motion of the baby sucking on your nipple – especially at the beginning when your baby doesn’t latch properly – puts a lot of strain on your nipples.

The constant contact with drool and always being moist is also not very good for your skin in general. A new mama should always make sure to clean her nipples after breastfeeding with cool water and pat dry very well before applying nipple cream containing only the best that nature has to offer.

The best nipple cream you can buy, is one that does not require to be rinsed off before feeding your baby; having to constantly make a hungry crying infant wait for you to wash your nipples before attending to their needs just puts so much pressure on a new mama.

Breastfeeding is harder than it seems, and definitely harder than shown on social media.

Let Mama’s Touch make it easier on you with our amazing nipple balm that has all the right ingredients that will make your breastfeeding journey a magical one.